“About” sections are always so awkward, but I guess no one cares to read content written by a complete stranger. So, let’s be friends!

My name is Lena, and I am an extroverted book-nerd! img_3700That means, I love to read, but I have to lock myself in solitude or else I will be distracted by everything and everyone. To be completely honest, I mostly love reading because it’s a lot like people-watching (but less creepy). While the singing dolls’ mantra that “it’s a small world after all” is partially true, the world is still big enough for me to continually be learning about it and the people in it. Stories, whatever their medium, allow me to do that.

If you’re interested, you can find out a bit more about my personal life here.

This blog is mostly an excuse for me to read more books, to watch more movies and to virtually connect with whoever finds the topic matters interesting.

I hope you find this small spot on the internet to be enlightening and entertaining and that you feel comfortable enough to interact!

Lots of literature love,