As any reader of good literature or general fiction knows, the book is better.
The book is always better.

(Unless we’re talking about young adult fiction, in which case it’s debatable).

But the movie’s good too. Or at least one rendition of it usually is.

While we can agree that the written word is significantly superior to its visual interpretation, please join me in admitting that any time we hear of a soon-to-be-released film based on a book we’ve read, we get giddy.

I may be unable to see my own eyes in the moment I hear news of a movie adaptation for a book I loved (or even just liked), but I’m certain that they glisten. Every time I finish reading a positively magical (or generally mediocre) book, I search for a movie that was based on it. (And if there isn’t one I get sad.)

More recently, I hunt for every cinematic version of it I can possibly find so that I can judgmentally compare the films. In fact, I have become so passionate in my desire to dissect movies to see if they properly represent their books, that I have begun to obnoxiously analyze minute artistic details about them with all my friends and family. I would like to keep the relationships in my life, so I decided to blog about it instead.

So, here I enter the world of blogs to share which movies I believe, imho (as the kids are saying) do the book the (sort of) most justice.

Here’s how it will work:

I will…

  • Read or listen through a piece of classic i-waste-my-time-so-you-dont-have-toliterature. Eventually you can choose novels for me to read, but as I currently have no reader base on my brand new blog, my book choices will have to do for now.
  • Analyze the plot, characters, themes and styles of said piece of classic literature.
  • Find every movie rendition that I can possibly find (or that my library offers) and watch them (so you don’t have to).
  • Critique and rank each movie with my own made-up and completely meaningless rating system to determine which movies, if any, best depict the book. I will be ruthlessly honest.
  • You can comment and disagree (but naturally I hope you keep it light and kind, cause I’m human).

When that book has been completed and the movies have been watched and successfully scrutinized so thoroughly that no one wants to read the book or watch any film version of it ever again, then I will move on to another book.

So there you have it.

Oh. What will be my first story of choice? Well, since the most recent book I have read inspired this whole blogging endeavor, we will begin with the beloved and probably way out-of-my-league piece,

Oliver Twist.

The first film adaptation that will be watched and discussed is:
Oliver Twist (1933), featuring Dickie Moore


Stay tuned!